The Most Effective Way to Fix a Roof Leak

Instruments, Techniques, and Methods to Manage a Minor Roofing Issue Yourself

Fixing small leaks on your roof does not necessarily need to be done by an expert roofing contractor. All you actually need is a team of friends to help you, if the job is too hazardous, and a few handyman tools to operate with. To make it even easier for you Staten Island, NY, of Staten Island, NY, has prepared a short list of the supplies you need to prepare before you start, as well as some short instructions on how to fix your roof damage.
Tools and Supplies List:

– Roof cement which is resistant to temperature changes – 1 Gallon, should be enough for small repairs and should cost about $10.
– A stretching garden hose to help you clean the area you are about to repair.
– A chisel to help you scrape off the excessive cement.
– Replacement roofing material.
– All purpose caulk (approximately $15) and a caulk gun (approximately $20)
– Basic tools – hammer, hacksaw, utility knife, hammer and nails

Labor instructions:
1. Use a hammer and chisel to split the damaged shakes.
2. Slide the chisel under the damaged shake in order to remove the pieces.
3. Cut off the ends of any nails that can’t be pried out by using a hacksaw. Work around the nails
4. Use a fine-toothed hacksaw to cut a new shake about 3/8 inches smaller than the old one.
5. Slide the new shake into place, then hammer it in with 2 galvanized roofing nails.
6. Set their heads with a nail set. You may afterwards seal them with caulking compound or apply roofing cement on top.
7. Leave it to dry completely and do a test to check if you have done the job right. If no leaks appear, then you may be proud of yourself!

When major repairs are needed, however, you better contact a roofing contractor with experience in the roofing business field. Call our local office now and we’ll get you started with some free advice!